Hi From a Newbie - plus help please!



Hi all,

Hope you dont mind my crashing in on your forum and saying hi, but I’m a bit stuck and felt you guys were probably in a position to help me out. So, thanks in advance for anything you can tell me to help.

I have bought a Dell 5150 which has a NEC ND6650-A combi DVD/CD RW Drive.

I use DVD-Shrink and Nero to copy my DVDs and am using the same software I always have, but since moving over to this new pc I cannot seem to copy anything - it just wont see past the copyright protection on the disc.

Is there anything i can do - firmware updates, driver updates, patches - anything really so I can continue to build up my library.

Thanks again



Hi, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Might just be a coincidence, and you’re run into some protection that Shrink can’t handle (it’s no longer being updated for the latest protections) - try DVD Fab Decrypter for another free option, and see how it goes.

Good luck :slight_smile:


You don’t mention if the machine has a separate DVD burner. A combo drive reads dvds but only writes to cds.


I thought the same :iagree:…I Googled the model, and apparently it does burn DVDs (although I think I’ll check again now :bigsmile: ).

Edit: Ah, here we go - http://support.necsam.com/Optical/ND6650A_specs.asp


i hope this is just a poor choice of words and you meant to say “back up your library,” since we all know that anything else would be illegal, right?


Good point :wink:


Hi Guys,

Yes thanks for the point in question - point taken…

As for the DVD, it does write +/- Dvd (both std and rw)

Thanks again for your help - I’ll try the DVD fab, but any more info would be great.



You’d probably need AnyDVD or DVDIdle to defeat newer copy-protections…


Yeah, you can use DVDShrink etc with AnyDVD running in the background :iagree:


Just a note to say thanks guys it seemed to work with the Anydvd working in the background. Thanks again.