Hi ! Freecom DVDRW8J problems PLEASE!



Hi there everyone !
A year ago i bought an internal freecom dvdwriter DVDRW8J
Im having a few problems with it and ive looked all across internet for answers
and written to freecom several times without getting any answers :sad: :sad:

Perhaps some of you could help me out ?
since ive had it for so long and not been able to use it fully im starting to
get a bit disappointed


1 -
can’t update the firmware, everytime i try it say’s that it didnt find that drive
Win XP (SP2) recogizes it as a “Freecom -/+ DVDRW8J” thou…

2 -
cant get the bastard to run in UDMA - only PIO
with SP1 there was a checkbox for (U)DMA ? cant find that one now…
so i cant watch dvd’s since it’s lagging and shit…

If anyone could give me som advices it would really mean a great deal
im tired of this shit now, and it it wasnt for the money id buy a new one…

THanks in advance !
/ Thomas