Hi-Fi lense needs cleaning?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have a Sony CMT-CP1 Hi-Fi system, which proved to be descent enough for the last 2 years.

Since yesterday i have problems reading and playing CDs in it, it refuses to recognise whatever i feed it with, making that annoying clicking starting/stoping sound, and whenever it finally gets to read a CD, it plays it with clicks and staff while the CD is in good shape and shouldn’t do that.

I guess i have to clean/replace the lense or something - called Sony which asked 80E to do it :frowning:

Is there any way i can deal with this myself? Bought some CD lense cleaning kit but it didnt do anything.

If it was mine I probably would of opened it and tried to clean it with alcohol and a Q-tip. (And probably would of ruined it!) Never know. Can’t see paying to repair anything these days, you can almost buy a new one for what it cost to repair it. Plus the smell of new equipment is NICE!