Hi everyone!

Well,hello there,and i just want to say to all people who want to talk about problems with pcs or anything else,or if someone can help me with some stuff,i think we will get along fine!I am so happy that i found such a nice place!:clap:for CD FREAKS!
Just a little question-How can i know all about CD FREAKS?(who build it,when did it started,how did it get famous etc.)Thank you all and we will have a good time.I am from Macedonia,and i hope you will not dislike me because of my country(F.Y.R.O Macedonia).I like all people and i don’t care what nation are they or what are they doing in their life!Every persone is welcome in my future topics and i hope you will answer them and not insulting me,that i do not know about some stuff or whaterver :Z.Thank you every one :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:!Again-all people welcome to my future posts!In my future posts you will see screenshots that i remade with photoshop cs2,and there will be the originals included(to tell you that i’m not laying-sorry for my bad english to you).Ok,thats that.Expect remakes of screenshots from need for speed.Also,i can make a remake of your own screenshot.NOTE: THESE SCREENSHOT THAT I WILL POST TO YOU ARE NOT MINE.THEY ARE MY FRIEND’S WITH THE 6600 GT!BYE!

Hi! Welcome to CDF :slight_smile: