Hi everyone

I am a newbie to backing up DVD’s and am very, very confused on the many different programs. Have been reading for days and days and still can’t decide which one to buy. I was using DVDXCOPY Plat. with many troubles and wanted to try something different. I have gotten plenty of suggestions for DVDCLONE2 with ANYDVD, which came highly recommended and then my girlfriend suggested 1ClickDVD… I would like ALL feedback on what program works the best in your own opinions ( the more posts the better ).

I did recently download DVDCLONE2 for trial and it worked great to copy The Grudge, which I could not copy with DVDX PLAT. However, I am a little bit confused with all the different steps…in DVDCLONE2-- Like at the very end after the disc writes- does the original movie on your hard drive erase itself…and to do another movie do you click restart? I know that may sound stupid, sorry. Is 4X speed the best to use?

Thank you for all any input. Stephanie

im very new to all this also. ive tried several other programs and i feel that clonedvd and anydvd are great. mabey its because it was the first one i stumbled on that is easy for a beginner, but i plan on purchasing it very soon. it does everything i need it to.

i have a folder i made that the program puts all the files in. i also make individual folders with the movie title. kinda looks like this

then when i burn the dvds i know where to go and manually delete what was on the hard drive.
afaik you can click restart and start another movie, i allways just click back to get to it. on the speed part i dont know. i have mine set at maximum speed and havent had a problem yet. ive backed up over 50 movies in the last 2 weeks.
like i said im new also and there are others that can give you more technical information than i can. but from a newbie to a newbie i recommend anydvd and clonedvd2

There’s a box that you can check just prior to burning the disc that will tell CloneDVD to delete the file when done. If you want to make a 2nd copy, simply remove the DVD, put in a new blank DVD, close the tray, and click on the WRITE/BURN box again.

You can use the back button to go back to the beginning of the FILMSTRIP. This will automatically delete the old files in your hard drive. Now put in another DVD that you want to backup, open the VIDEO_TS folder…

I use 4X burn speed. You’re only saving another 8 minutes with 16X. There are more things that could go wrong at higher speed. If you’re pressed for time, 8X should knock another 4 minutes off the burn time.