Hi Everyone



:smiley: My Name is Jean and I live in Grand Prairie Texas. I have 15 grandkids and 1 great grandkid. I am Married to a retired Marine and have a giant schnauzer named Mattie Lee Ferguson aka Mattie who weighs 110 pounds and a Yorkshire Terrier named Princess Margaret aka Maggie who weighs 5 pounds. I am glad to be here and hope you can help me. I had no problem reading The Manchurin Candidate but when I try to burn it keeps sayin there is no recordable disc. I am trying to use a DVD+R to write the video. I have a sony CDVD for the reading part and a plextor 24X48X24 to write it.I also use clone cd to back up my cd+g’s and have no problem burning them…What am I doing wrong…HELP!!! :bow: :confused:


hi jean from texas with plenty of grandkids and dogs :eek: !

first of all, i need some clarification about your computer hard- and software because your description seems kind of vague to me…

#1: what is the EXACT model of your DVD reader? “sony CDVD” doesn’t sound familiar to me (unless it’s a standalone player?), and “plextor 24x48x24” sounds more like a CD writer although you would need a DVD writer to record DVDs.

#2: what software are you using to rip and burn dvds? have you burned dvds before?

#3: have you familiarized yourself with the guides and tutorials in this forum? there is also a plethora of guides on www.doom9.org . those guides are excellent and should be able to answer most of your questions.




Thanks for your reply…I found out what my problem is…I am trying to burn a DVD with a CD burner… :sad: didn’t work to well…LOL…I will have to buy a DVD burner if I want to back up my movies…My plextor worked so well backing up my karaoke cd’s that I will get a plextor DVD burner…I have never tried to back up a DVD before…trail and error are the best teachers…LOL…I was the same way before I started trying on cd+g’s…just have to get in there and do it until I learn…Thanks a lot for your concern…I really appreciate it… :bigsmile: