HI EVERYONE! question, why is my sound out of sync?!?!?

hello everyone! i have a question to ask, i’ve been reading around but haven’t found a thread that answers my question, i have movie files on my computer i wanna save and view on my tv, so i use the create a movie function in the nero program and after about an hour it gives me a dvd with sound and picture, BUT the audio doesn’t match the picture! what is wrong? this happens all the time, i was wondering if u can help me figure out whats wrong?

the file is a windows media file at 715,376 kb. i use nero 6. something and my dvd recorder is a sony dual layer something. I use maxell DVD+R 4.7 GB disks (not sure if that can help you) and the audio type of the file is MPEG layer-3 or something. Can anyone please help me? can it be the disk? the dvd burner? thankyou very much!

okay now im gonna try ConvertxtoDVD and put it to a dvd format what ever that is or what it means lol. im gonna try to burn that onto a disk and see if it works


I have the same issue with Nero. Have you heard anything from anyone about this?
My understanding is has to do with the timing of the frames when its getting written to the CD.

I am having a problem when generating a dvd cd whereas the audio is progressively delayed as the movie is played on my TV’s dvd player. I am using Nero Vision Express 3 to do the recording. Can anyone tell me what is causing this to happen.

Any thing that can help will be appreciated.

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hey guys! okay heres an update… i used ConvertxtoDVD and i uno what it did but i selected the video files, then i click convert (to what i dunno i just pressed convert) then after like an hour (the file is an hour long) it finished, asked me to put a disk in and within 5 mins i had a dvd. I haven’t the time to try the disk out fully yet but after sticking it in a dvd player and going through the movie, a few chapters here and there, the sound IS IN SYNC with the pictures! im not sure if thats gonna change as u watch it but so far so good… will be watching it with the family tonight and will tell u all how it goes!

If you had used the original and not an xvid file from somewhere you wouldn’t have had all these trouble.