Hi Everybody!

Hi Dr Nick!


Choose your greeting …
There can be only one!



not fair to us southerners…its Hey Ya’ll…how ya doing…(in one breath)

Nannoo, Nannoo!

My wife doesn’t say even hi when she’s in depression but surely not a -path. Same about me. Usually no greetings at all in the real life (which does make me look like I am disinterested in people in general.) On messengers and chatting rooms, a “hi” is enough.

Hello/Hey :slight_smile:

Blast, ye scurvy dogs!

No option for hey, so I just chose hi.

Anyway it’s usually hey, or hey, whats up?

It’s eeeEhJ, Howist?

my usual greeting is, hello followed by how are you. and i have worked with some right misserable gits who just grunt and frown.

i, ow r u

lol u tlk in txt

Do most Australians really say “G’day”?


G’day mate! How are ya? :slight_smile:

It’s short for “Good Day”.
Mate = “My good friend”.

I know, but I thought it was just a stereotype that they said in soap like Neighbours

Neighbours is filmed in Melbourne…
Melbourne is mostly greek descendants :stuck_out_tongue:
They aren’t good examples of typical Australians. Most of them grunt hi … or shove a kebab in ya face …

There’s a few , um , typical melbournian tv characters to come out of melbourne … Con the fruiterer “A coupla days … bewdiful” & Aunty Jack “I’ll rip your bloody arms off”, “Eh eh, peace for dead budgies”.

I don’t EVER say G’day. Or mate. Or the two together.

Wog :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k :wink:

Hehehe :slight_smile:

It’s more a country thing, than a city thing.

I don’t hear anyone say it in the city … ever!
Everyone in the city says “Hi”.