Hi Everybody. First Post, WOOHOO!

Hi Everybody,

New to the forum here. I was hoping somebody could shed some light on a problem I’ve got. I know that this question has probably been asked a THOUSAND times, but there’s just a plethora of information on this forum to search through.

Anyway, I burned my first video DVD the other day, and when i tested it on my PC it worked just fine. However, when I tried it on my DVD player, the picture came out all wrong. Throughout the movie, there were random bursts of “pixelation”. The movie would skip and the speakers would make that terrible “clicking” noise.

The interesting thing about this is that it only occurs on the SECOND layer of the DVD. The movie plays beautifully the first half. Also, when I played it on my other DVD player, which I think is newer, there was no problem whatsoever.

I’m thinking it might be the player’s fault, but I’m not sure. I use Sony DVD+R DL disks and Cyberlink Power2go to burn my DVDs. Any help on this problem would be VERY much appreciated.

Thank you

Indeed this has been posted many times :p:p:p

Weeeelcome to the mad house :bigsmile:

The problem is that only Verbatim proved to produce fully reliable Dual Layer discs. All other brands have a very variable quality from rather decent to totally ugly.

The best solution is to use Verbatim discs only and get rid of all other brands.

What burner do you have? Maybe a firmware update can improve the writing quality on these Sony discs.

My current burner is the TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H652D.

You mentioned I needed to get verbatim disks. Can DVD players really be THAT picky about what disks you use? The movie played fine in one player but not in the other. I really don’t feel like spending another $25 on more disks since I already have like 20 Sony disks left.

The problem is not that the standalone wants to have a specific brand. The problem is that usually standalones are picky about [U]the amount of errors[/U] on the burned disc.

Low quality discs usually have a lot of errors after the burn, with the only exception of Verbatim, that is a very good quality disc.

When a disc contains too much errors, the playback is stuttering and there is pixellation on the video, audio can be unsynchronized, etc :frowning:

I just have two more questions I want to ask.

1.) Is it possible for the second layer to have more errors than the first?
2.) Do you recommend that I change anything else, other than the disks, such
as the program I use or the burner

This is normal, because to read the second layer laser must go through the first one.

[QUOTE=jedan12;2062761]2.) Do you recommend that I change anything else, other than the disks, such as the program I use or the burner[/QUOTE]

The burning software is not important, because it’s not the software to write on the disc, but the drive firmware. The burning software is only a graphical interface between the burner and the user.

The only factor related to the burning software is its “heaviness”, i.e. the amount of computer resources that the software requires to run correctly. For example, Nero is rather heavy because it consumes a lot of RAM and CPU power, whereas ImgBurn (that is also free ;)) is very light and runs smooth in most of computers :slight_smile: