Hi - Don't know where to put this post

Hi - Don’t know where to put this post
Below is a copy of an e-mail I have just sent to Nero support about my
experiences with DVD-RAM discs and DVD-HDD Recorders and VR-Mode/UDF
It may be of some interest to someone . Please put it where you feel it should go . . . !
Cheers Petrev

E-MAIL Begins . . .

Right - where to begin ?
I now have a Panasonic DMR-E85 DVD-RAM/HDD recorder and a Toshiba RD-XS32
In my computer I have an LG GSA-4120B RAM-multi burner and Nero 6OEM with nerovision express2 - with this system I expected to import from my
panasonic ram disks VR format video then edit it and possibly write it back
to DVD-RAM. When I tried this with a disc from my Panasonic DMR-E85 recorder using Nerovision express2 (v2.1.2.9) with InCD installed (and all the rest) the disc first reports “failed drive not ready reading disc” (or something
very similar) but an immediate second attempt loads the disk and the browse
requester for selecting video to import appears and video imports
correctly - however when the DVD-RAM disk is replaced in the Panasonic
DMR-E85 Recorder it crashes the machine then finally loads but reports
problem with disk ( this disk will now not format, and reports oddly as
protected or read only, and if a recording on it is attempted the machine
crashes and repeat crashes ad-nauseum and has to be ejected via
extraordinary measures by holding 2 hard keys for upto 50seconds!
This same disk when put into the Toshiba RD-XS32 DVD-RAM/HDD works fine
(Rather more tollerent system?) but even with a physical format on this
machine ( options of quick or full ) still doesn’t work with Panasonic
machine. The Toshiba also has some problems though as a disc created by it
fails to load at all in the computer system with NeroVision express
reporting " error- not a valid VR disc!
There are no drivers supplied with the LG GSA-4120B so there is no way to
format disks on the computer to UDF2.0 (InCD formats to UDF1.5 Apparently).
After all these problems I bought a program called WriteDVD and FixUDF
($100) in the hope of formating UDF2.0 correctly and repairing duff discs -
well that was optimism for you ! Write DVD only works with InCD removed and
when a disc is formatted to UDF2.0 it appears to format the disk but then
informs you that XP doesn’t read UDF(!?) and that you have to buy ($50)
ReadDVD also made by them ( Con or What ?) (at least this does make the
value given by Nero amazing). I thus removed WriteDVD in order to get back
normal XP drivers and reinstalled InCD - Disc supposedly formatted to UDF2.0
then reported as RAW and had to be re-formatted ( but only UDF1.5 available
from InCD) so discs still no good in Panasonic machine !
Now I have bought a Panasonic RAM drive LF-M621 - this comes with software to format to various UDF formats but requires the removal of InCD (drive includes packet writing software B’s that only attempts this mode with RW disks ) - RAM discs now format correctly and work in both RAM/HDD machines and Toshiba written VR-discs import correctly using NeroVision Express2 and all is well (?)
I still don’t know whether the problem is with a dodgy LG drive or the
combination with VisionExpress2 but the LG drive reads correctly and doesn’t
write protect Panasonic written discs when InCD is removed and LF-M621
drivers(?std XP drivers) and formatting software are left on the comp
however Toshiba written VR-discs are still reported as invalid by VisionExpress2.
I also tried reading/importing VR-discs using VisionExpress on my old
machine which had an Iomega RAM multi drive and it wouldn’t recognise any
VR-discs either Panasonic or Toshiba written. I haven’t tried using the
LF-M621 drivers/software/no InCD method to see if that works with the Iomega Drive as my head still hurts from all these experiments / attempts to make the world work as it should.
It may have been possible to get some way using downloaded Pan LF-M521
drivers/software (if they work asstand alone drivers and not only an updater)but I probably still couldn’t have accessed the Toshiba
RD-XS32 discs.
My system now works - the remaining questions are -
Why are discs changed/corrupted when apparently only reading from them if
InCD is installed while using VisionExpress2 to access them via the LG
GSA-4120B ?
Why can’t Toshiba written discs be read at all in LG and Iomega drives?
What are the possible answers ? LG and/or Iomega drives faulty ?
LG and/or Iomega drives non-std
LG and/or Iomega drives conflict with InCD and / or VisionExpress2
also why no formatting support for UDF2.0 ? ? ? ( Maybe InCD should leave
RAM discs alone and you could include a UDF formatting tool and leave XP to
it as far as drag and drop ?)
and Why does SoftArch-WriteDVD cost so much and do so little. . . ? ? ?

Thanks for any help and if you want more info just ask ( I haven’t done any
screen shots info dumps from the LG system yet as this requires a
rollback/uninstall and reinstall of InCD )