Hi could someone help me please

[qanda]This thread is about the Aiwa DVD RECORDER. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi i have downloaded the free version of “dvd fab 5” and have tried too rip a film too mp4 and the video worked apart from the sound what have i done wrong?there is no sound atall? is it because its only the trial version?

thanx for any help guys .amy.x.

Moved you to the DVDFab Mobile/Converter forum since you are trying to go to mp4 with DVDFab.

Hi antony123
You must select the Profile, or encoding instructions in DVDFab, to match the capabilities of your playback device. What types of audio does your device accept? AC-3 (you got this probably if you used one of the profiles that says “audiocopy”) MP3, AAC, all of which are available by choosing the correct profile. DVDFab has a tutorial. You can access it from the red link in my sig below, or at the DVDFab.com website: just click on the Tutorial link. You might want to look it over first to get the most out of your free trial period.

Thanks Kerry56