Hi CD Freakers

Hi CD Freaks I am the web-master of the site:


I will be moderating this forum from now on.

Im fairly relaxed, I enjoy computer games, emulators, PSX2 and am a Network Engineer for an ISP in the UK.

You wont get much hassle from me provided you dont give me any hassle and break any rules… so enjoy!

BTW: I only speak English !!

Since I have not seen a post in the admin forum where you are welcomed, let me be the one to do so.

Welcome aboard.
I am sure your expertise will be a great addition to our forum here. CD Freaks seems to attract more and more expert moderators to moderate a forum in their field of expertise, a development I, of course, cheer for (especially since things become more and more out of my league :wink: )

Take care and enjoy. For questions regarding this forum you can contact me…