Hi, can I use a external dvd burner with the one I have in my computer?

:confused: Hello, my question are these. Can I use an external dvd burner with my computer ( I already have one that I use burning sending my movies to my hard drive which is very tedious ) If so, which is the most compatible with my Nec DVD=-RW ND-3450.( I know there are thounsands of brands, that’s the problem) Which is better, burn to my hard drive or burn from one burner to the anotherone?

  1. I don’t see any reason why you can not have as many burner as you desire; external or internal although you may be limited by the IDE (internal) or USB (external) connections. In your software you should be able to detect and choose which device you want as the source and destination.

  2. No idea about compatibility, hopefully someone else here can answer that one.

  3. I suggest always first creating an image on the hard drive and then burning the image to the medium; others may disagree and claim this is an unnecessary extra step and waste of time. But it has always worked well for me and I have no problem with the extra 15 minutes…

Burning dvd directlly from one burner to another (on the fly) is not a good idea. You are moving very large amounts of data very fast. If the drive that is reading slows down for even a second it can cause a bad spot in the the burn or even cause the burn to fail. I would think that with an external you would have even higher risk. You can use an external drive so you don’t have to swap out disks though.
You mentioned movies so I’m guessing that you mean using shrink, nero or clonedvd or similar software to compress a dual layer movie to fit a single layer disk? The fastest way to do this is to use anydvd running in the background (then there is no need to rip it to your hard drive first), and use nero recode or clone dvd (they can read direct from the original disk if you run anydvd). They still copy to the hard drive (do not select on the fly burning) but it is not a seperate process. A second drive can speed the process, as the read speed of the drive can have an impact and nec’s are a little slow if I am not mistaken (my nec3500 is rather slow). A liteon 16p9s dvd-rom is one of the fastest readers you can get (with modified firmware). If you want another burner, previous benq models were also very fast (again, with modified firmware) and I assume that new models are (verify that by reading around the benq forum). Even though you are still copying to the hard drive (kind of in the background though), a faster reader will make a diffrence. Fyi benq burners are very good burners too (avoid the benq dq60 though). I honestly don’t know if the drive being external would limit speed (seems I have heard some say it does, some say it doesn’t).
Hope that helps some.

thank you very much guys I knew i could count with you. i really love this page, very helpfull for us who are learning. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

It may, and it may even depend on the PC itself, for example I have a Memorex 16x external drive and if I try to burn an ISO from the hard drive at 16x, I notice that the buffer is continuously being emptied and filled during the entire process, as if my hard drive can’t feed the data over the USB 2.0 connection fast enough. The burn is still succesful but it doesn’t seem to be that much faster then burning at 8x. I suspect that an internal 16x burner connected via an IDE would be able to transfer the data fast enough at 16x…