Hi! Burn many Adobe movies onto 1 DVD?

[COLOR=Indigo]Hi! This is my first post! I just starting making home movies with Adobe Premiere Elements and I am losing sleep it’s so fun!

Here’s my problem: I didn’t realize that you can’t combine Adobe Premiere Elements projects onto a single DVD. So, now I’ve got about 10 movies I’ve finished that are only 5 to 15 minutes long and I want them all together in a sequence. I don’t want 10, 5 minute movies, I want one 50 minute movie with chapters.

But how to do this? Do I get another software program and if so, which one? I saw some thread on dvdremake and dvdshrink but couldn’t figure out if that’ll work for me. I’ve got Nero something and other free software that came with my BENQ lightscribe drive.

Thank you so much for any thoughts!

what format are they in?

if they’re dvd files (vobs, ifos, bups) you can use shrink to make a dvd compilation (shrink doesn’t allow menus) or you can use dvdremake to make the compilation (with menus)

if they’re avi or mpeg files you can use Nero Vision Express to compile them onto a dvd and make a menu for each video if you want or just have them play all in a row.

if they are avi, mpg, or wmv…you can try DVD santa, Im guessing if adobe, it’s quicktime…qt files, not sure if it will handle that…:slight_smile:

I looked at the files on one of the DVDs I burned and there are two folders with multiple files. The big ones are .vobs. It’s kind of confusing because there isn’t just one simple file to pick.

So will Dvdremake work then? How much is it and where can you get it for cheap. Did I see something about trialing it and then maybe getting it for a discount? I’m very enthusiastic!

I’m amazed at how much money I’m spending making what I thought would be simple home movies. One thing leads to another, no?

if the 2 folders are audio_ts and video_ts, you may well be able to just burn those folders to a dvd-/+r with an app like nero and be playable set top dvd player…:slight_smile:

I’d be surprised if you can’t do what you want to do with Premiere elements. You would find the most useful information and advice on the official forum… http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx?14@@.eeb4f8b

Find a free DVD authoring app (like Dvdauthorgui), and make yourself a nice DVD from all the .VOB files Premiere gave you.

OH! You are all such brilliant and sensible people!

I guess I should have checked Adobe’s website first. I went to the user forum and my question was the first one! Yippee! They described it as “how to work on a big project in small pieces” or something like that. The solution works for me though. I can create small manageable movies in separate projects like I have been, export them as AVI files and re-add them into a new project in the proper order.