Hi bro! plz help me to flash back my buddy to DVDR 111D

my burner 's firmware now is TDB dvr 111L 8.26 of The danger brother. I tried many times to flashback to the stock firmware dvr111d v1.29. but, it’s fail. plz help me!!! :bow: :flower:

try flashing it w/tdb 111d 1.06* then flash it w/ stock firmware 1.29.

Did this work for you? I’d like to try one of the other firmwares that remove the riplock but would like to be able to go back to a “factory” one if needed. Thanks.

What is the advantage of such a flash back?

i tried it… it doesnt work. my drive was a 111L 8.29 TDB; i tried flashing back to a DVR-111D with the TDB DVR-111D 1.06 firmware, then i tried flashing it with the official 1.29 DVR-111D firmware and it says its the wrong firmware or something.

i would like to be able to go back just in case i need to RMA my drive. i guess i could just use the TDB firmware and they probably wont even know. the store i bought it from probably wont care anyway either.

Rahzel -

I don’t believe Forum Members will provide any assistance.

Flashing a DVD Burner back to Stock Firmware that has been previously flashed with modified un-stock for RMA proposes is not condoned.


my drive does not need to be RMA’d nor am i asking for assistance.

i do not see how my post violates any rules. if an admin or mod thinks otherwise, they are free to edit/delete my post.