Hi and need some help with ruckus downloaded music

first of all id like 2 say hi :smiley:
secondly, i was wondering if anyone knows of any method/software etc… to put music downloaded with ruckus on mp3 players or cds or dvds or anything :smiley:
thank you

What type of file, wav-mp3 etc, is the download?
What burning software do you have?
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wma. they can be played with windows media player and they have this wierd name ending with dc and then s number in brackets

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…to put music downloaded with ruckus on mp3 players or cds or dvds or anything
Please post some details, because I for once don’t know what “ruckus” is… :wink:
[B]ruckus[/B] (rÅ­k’É™s) pronunciation
A disturbance; a commotion: “Little was heard by us in the upper regions of the considerable ruckus (and surely the heartbreak) being endured some floors below” (Brendan Gill).
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well ruckus is this software that allows students to download free music. u need to log in with your school provided e-mail address. but if you want 2 put the songs on any other computer or cd or player you cant. they ask you 2 pay 19 usd per month or something
in any case the files are saved as wma with some wierd name
they play with windows media player or with any other player on my computer


then that stuff comes with DRM.

kk and is there any way 2 bypass that or sth?

Try FairUse4WM. I’m not 100% what the dc### bit is (perhaps part of the encryption key?). Its a pretty simple program. It’ll add its own [NoDRM] to the copy it outputs but just take that & the (dc###) bit off & you should be good to go.