Hi - and Max Payne 2 Info

Hello all!

I have just bought a new computer, which has a Pioneer DVD RW (Model DVR-106D) and Sony DVD (DDU1612) and would like to know whether it’s possible to create a perfect working copy of ‘Max Payne 2’ using this hardware. If so, which software would you recommend? I have CloneCD, Blind Write 5, etc. but with all the settings and options, I am not sure what I am doing. I have tried copying in CloneCD (Protected Game mode), but after installation, the ‘Play’ disc (Disc three) will not work. All I know is that I’d like to avoid using a cracked *.exe, as they often tend to be prone to crashing.
As I am fairly new to creating perfect backup copies, I’d be grateful for any help or advice; please post here, or email me: leonbrumsack@dsl.pipex.com.

Thanks a lot!