Hi! and help with eidting finalized DVD's

Hi, This is my first day here and I’m imporessed with the amount of info available. I havent taken as much time as I should hav eto search teh archives, so forgive me for asking what must be a very common question.

Here’s my question: I use a G4 Powerbook with OSX 10.4.7 and the only video edition SW I have for it is iMovie. I have finalized DVD’s that I cam play but not edit. Do I have to play them back to tape and import them inot iMovie thought the camera, thereby loosing a bit of quality or can I find some reasomably priced (free?) SW that will convert them? MacTheRipper didn’t help unless I set it up wrong.

Thanks in advance to anyone with the patience to answer this or link me to the answer someone else has already provided?


Not familiar with Mac application for that, but if you say “I have finalized DVD’s” you can’t edit them anymore, I’m affraid.
The only way is to get an application that cam import the files from your disc and use them for editing and/or authoring a new one with the changes.
If you “built” a DVD the files in it are most likely in a dif format that the one used by your camera, therefore the way you did refer shall not work, but some applications already edit and use files from DVD to incorporate in new projects. But you may have to go for something other than iMovie - and I don’t know if Final Cut Express will do it.
For the cheap side (“feeware”) look at this: http://www.zs4.net/ no refs, and not sure if you can convert the DVD files to an accepted format.
You can ahve a look at www.videohelp.com and search for info

If you have the original tapes you can go through the editing job again and next time remenber to keep a backup of the edited files before you author the final DVD.

Once your files are in DVD form you have to go through the whole process again as if the disc is competely foreign to you. I.E. reimport the disc with a rip software, (ie mac the ripper), then translate into format imovie will recognise ( I’ve used both Cinematize and Handbrake, Handbrake is simpler but takes forever) in the same way as you imported files via your movie camera in the first place. imovie is set up to primarily edit home movie material captured and the exported via the camera via DV format.