Hi and help plz

Hi all new to the forums and in dire need of some help.

Having just built my 1st computer all has been going well… until now.
I tried to put in my game disc (bioshock) to play the game but the dvd couldnt be read.
I could hear it spinning but nothing happened… I tried another cd and the same thing happened!

I thought that the drive had died and in my hast bought another drive… :frowning:
So yes as you guessed it I now have 2 dvd drives that are not working on my system :frowning: they are both LG dvd writers the 1st a LG Super Multi GSA - 4082B and the second a lg super multi GSA - H55N.

I can see the dvd writer in my device managar (it has an exclamation mark beside it – so tried to uninstall the driver and seach nternet for drivers but to no avail – I have the driver disk but obviously it wont work in the drive :sad: )

I have now (should have done before) tried both drives on my other machine which of course they work fine on !!

The weird thing is that my original dvd writer (LG Super Multi GSA - 4082B) worked fine for 3 weeks in my new system and now nothing :/.

Im running Windows Vista with an Ip35E mboard.

Im rippinghair out here as I type and getting it in teh ear from my gf as I have been trying to fix this all week :C
Please help me before i crack :bow:

should have put this in the 1st post – i looked in device manager and it gave this problem – “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”


It is probably a problem with the upper and lower filters. Not something I know a great deal about I’m sorry to say. This thread shows others having the same problem. The fix they recommend applies to both Vista and XP operating systems.

The registry fix can be found here at the Microsoft Help and Support site.

Someone with more experience around here working on the upper and lower filters will probably add a bit more, so check back.

Kerry 56 I belive you are spot on.HN2010 use the guided help on the Microsoft link.

Or download the Bioshock protection removal tool.

Yes,Should have read the first post closer.

I continued to read after posting last night and found another thread that said the same thing… but it seemed to be referring to xp not vista and im too much of a noob to take a chance :slight_smile:

So thanks alot for all your help i can burn again :smiley: :bow:

thanks to the rest that replied aswell.

what is bioshock thing you were talking about ??

ty again :clap: :slight_smile: :cool: :flower: