Hi! and a newb question!

Hiya, I’m new to the forum (yes, I did see that introduce yourself thread above this ^____^), but I have a question that may sound really stupid, but it’s been bugging me.

I downloaded a program that was in .rar format, so I unzipped it, and inside were three files, a BWI, BWT, and BWS file. I checked, and I found out that I needed BlindWrite for the files. What exactly do I do to extract the information from the files? A tutorial or link or something would be very nice. Thank you all very much! ^___^

Hmmm. You downloaded a program in Rar format. And inside were the three files.

All you need to do is to download, install and run BlindWrite. Once inside go to write image and then tell the program where your three files are. Insert a blank cd and hit burn.

You can’t really go wrong as it’s a very simple program.

I hope this is not a program that you can buy in the shops becuase if it was then it would be considered warez and this forum wouldn’t be for you. I just wanted to check that was all.

Nah, it’s no ware, it’s a legal game ^___^. But um, I don’t want to burn these to a CD, I want to play the game inside…would I use BlindWrite for that? Or something completely different?

BlindWrite doesn’t have a Virtual drive. However you can use Deamon Tools. You may need the plugin for Blindwrite as well.

Can you share the link for this game then since it’s legal. I am sure a few others would like to get it as well.


So I need to get this Deamon Tools thing, and a plugin for BlindWrite? Can you write it out step-by-step or provide a link? (sorry, I’m being such a newb ^_______^). I’m sorry I can’t give you a link for the game I got because it’s on my friend’s server and I don’t know if he wants it to be public.

Here you go. The lastest version of Daemon Tools should have the plugins there. If not, then here.