Hi all noobie here & question Nero / Dvdr

Posted: Jul 19, 2004 04:20


I have authored an svcd file into mpeg2 for burning to a dvd
used nero vision to add chapters etc etc. Never had any problems before.

Problem starts when i try to burn the disc it will get so far then just crash?
I have tried using Nero & Clone cd but it still crashes.

Is my burner gubbed or is it the file i made? When i restart the pc and eject the dvd it plays up until the point the program crashed.

Really annoying as this is the only time i have had problems.

Any help would be great.


more crashes tried to do a dvd copy and it crashed again.

Uninstalled Nero and reinstalled and it did not work. Took
Nero off and have installed Roxio to see if that works if not may have to
reinstall windows.

Any ideas?


what “crashes” ? nero, windows, clonecd ? what errors, if any, are displayed ? can your post a nero error log ?



Nero will just stop and i cannot eject the dvd from the drive.
Have to restart the pc.

I am at work so not at my pc.

Strange thing is everything was working fine until a few days ago (was running a virus check at time of the first problem would that effect it) Even a simple dvd copy does not work anymore?


try not to have ANY cpu or hard drive intensive programs running when you burn DVDs or CDs. it’s best to just let your PC focus all itz got to give on the burn. this sort of lockup you describes is often associated with RAM. pagefile settings and overclocking.



Tried just having Nero running and nothing else and it still failed?
I am using the same media as before.

Have took Nero off the pc and will try Roxio?
If that fails should i just reformat c drive?


Try authoring your SVCD’s in a decent program like DVDLab. You can still add chapters as well. Then write out to dvdr with Nero in DVD-Video mode (for Nero 6.3.x).

Used tmpeg to author.

Even a simple dvd copy disc to disc crashes now?

Doing my head in lol