Hi all need some help



hi all
i need some help i want to back up my copy of ut2004 i have alcohol but the disk is a dvd not a cd i have no dvd burner and would like to save the file onto my hard drive. i have a lite on dvd drive and a liteon 52x burner. i cant seem to copy it on to my hard drive keep telling me to go to a web site of securerom plus on alcohol i dont get the option to select the type of protection i want so hence u cant copt it to my hdd to run it from there. can any1 help me with this


It’s a securom protected dvd so there’s no way it can be copied successfully at the moment. However, you may be able to extract a good image and bwa file with blindwrite that you could then use to play the game from an image mounted on a virtual drive.


thx was looking into that. ill look at the tuts on how to do it many thxs


any links on how to do it