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I am quite overwhelmed with the site, but I do love it. This subject matter is all new to me. About my computer. HP AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.00GHZ 894MB RAM 32bit Vista Home Premium operating system Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Version 3.30. I have searched the site, and do comprehend alot of it, but the crux of my confusion is that when I find software that seems popular, it is either not compatible with vista, or I am unclear if the ones that are compatible with vista are compatible with each other. For starters, I wanted ripit4me, dvdshrink, imgburn, but dvd shrink is not supported by vista. Could anyone recommend the necessary freeware for backing up my commercial dvds that would be compatible with the information I have supplied? Also any “current” threads to help educate me on this would be appreciated. Sorry for the run on sentences and thanks for any advice!


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The problems/concerns you have about compatability are quite common.

It was confirmed to me the other day that DVD Shrink does work OK on Vista , so really I think often it’s a case of just downloading & trying. That’s certainly what I’ll be doing shortly.

I don’t know about threads to watch but “New Posts” will bring up anything new added which is what I do. Also there are some useful guides & tutorials in relevant forums that should at least get you started.



I Am Running 32 bit vista and DVD Shrink runs with no prob at all The soft were i use is dvd fab and dvd shrink with nero and i have not found a single dvd that i can not back up yet.

Any questions please feel free to ask


Thanks alot guys, I am sure we will be chatting soon!


I downloaded imgburn 2.3, but dvdshrink and ripit4me websites seem to be shut down or something. Have been trying since last night. Cannot download. If I have imgburn which other utilities could I try instead of the above mentioned. Trying to find freeware. Thanks


Camman click on my name and send me a e-mail and i will e-mail ya telling ya were ya can get it from as dont think i can list websites on here ok


DVD Shrink can be found at http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/ , likewise DVD Decrypter is on that site. Ripit4me from http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=RipIt4Me .


You can indeed link to websites from CD Freaks. However this would be subject to the usual rules of not spamming, and not directing to sites that make you pay for freeware.


downloaded ripit4me and i cant even figure out how to take it from the zipped file and turn it into a working program. The program is there but it just lists all of the different parts of the downloaded program.


I think it’s just a case of copying the components into the same folder as DVD Decrypter and then you run Ripit4Me rather than DVD Decrypter.

What you should have is Ripit4Me.exe & FixVTS.exe.