Hi all dual layer?

hi im new to this but i was wondering can my packard bell with qsi dvdrw sdw-042 drive burn dual layer discs and if not is there some kind of patch or update i can get to enable this feature, thanks alot in advance for any replies :iagree:

Highly unlikely. I know NEC and Toshiba make laptop burners that are DL capable. You could swap drives, if it will fit.

You need to buy a DL writer. Use dvdinfopro and see if +R DL media is supported chances are it isn’t. In that case $70 will get you the NEC from www.newegg.com which supports +R DL media.

I also have a QSI sdw-042, and Nero Infotool says that it can’t handle DL. But when I asked the guys in the store where I bought it, they say that it should handle it. I tried with nero

I was looking on QSI’s webpage, but didn’t find anything.

Given the cost of media you guys aren’t missing out on much. :wink:

Hi you all
Can you advice were and how I can change my QSI DVDRW SDW-042 so I can watch both region 1 & 2 DVD´s