Hi all - advice with TY dvd-r's!



Hi there, 1st time poster :slight_smile:

I have just recently taken delivery of 100 Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R’s from www.svp.co.uk (after reading that they were a reputable place to get proper not fake dvd-r’s).

Anyway, i have burned 3 disks so far. The first one was a copy of my jack-dee dvd ( :cool: ) and burned at 8x on my Liteon SOHW-812S (latest firmware US0Q). This DVD now plays back fine on my PC, but not on my Denon DVD-2800mk2!

Not phased i tried two more dvd burns (using recent movies i own) but this time burned at 6x…these both failed at what looks like the same portion of the disk with an error of “illegal disk” in Nero.

So i am thinking it might be my Liteon 812S which is pants. Has anyone out there used these disks with another writer to get flawless copies? I’ll go and buy the new burner as soon as someone advises me.

Also, is there anyway to check that the dvd-r’s i burn are burned properly? i have dvd-info to verify the ty disks, but have no idea how to “test” my dvd-r’s are burning well.

THANKS for any advice on this , i have 97 disks waiting to be used :stuck_out_tongue:

PS.number on the back of these disks are GG000095 - hope these arent fake!!


liteons prefer +R discs they dont burn cheapo -Rs well at all

scan them with kprobe and do a transfer rate test with nero cd speed

probebly not fake as in made in hongkong by infosmart, but defenetly not true ty


Welcome to the forums Fox:) How do you do your backups? (what program etc…) Try using this to help verify if their genuine: http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ Also look to see if they have “made in Japan” written on the cakebox. You can verify burns with your burner I believe, using Neros CD/DVD Speed ‘quality test’. It will test for PI errors and Failures, for which you’ll want a low average.


have you seen the fake ty thread.


Man thats bad:( I’m glad they’re as rare as rocking horse sh*t here. I just dont need the hassle.


Hi all, and thanks for the speedy response & welcomes :slight_smile:

Man, i’ll be p&ssed if these are fakes! They were £60 for 100 so they weren’t cheap as such. After reading the fake TY thread, i can also read (at great difficulty!) there is an etched serial number on the transparent center of the disks … think it reads NK4Y1A00706GG. I’m confused.

Ok, so I’ve just burned another 4.5 gb DVD-R from an iso image using Nero at 8x on my LiteOn SOHW-812S.

I’ve now scanned this disk with Kprobe and Nero CD-DVD Speed (results enclosed below). I’m not sure how to read these guys, i’ve read that low PI and PO is good, but what about PIF?

Many thanks again


so there the full face printables? and not the cheapo tuff discs? they should be real ty`s

the single high spike you got in kprobe doesn`t mean much and can be removed by right clicking on the graph and select remove single spike it also make reading the scan better.

i see you have got aspi 4.7 installed you realy should use 4.6. do a google search for kill aspi and it will remove 4,7 and install 4.6

you could look in the liteon sub forum to see if there is a better suited firmware for ty -R


Hi ako, yes, these are the full face printables. I will have a google to find that aspi 4.6 installer… what does that actually do?

What are the disk scans like above ? How can i tell whats good and whats bad? I just ran kprobe “out of the box” without changing anything too.


force aspi


aspi 4.7 is buggy and can give problems you can remove 4.7 and install 4.6 from the link i posted.

redo kprobe scan at 4X and remove any single spikes you get by right cliking on the graph.


next time you by some discs i recomend these ricoh printables liteon`s love these and if you set the booktype to dvd-rom they should play on anything.


Thanks Ako, much appreciated. Will bear that in mind next time i buy any disks

I am currently running a 4x Kprobe of the disk i burned at 8x… i presume that i’m right in doing this with the Nero Drive Speed Tool? Will post the results as soon as it is complete.

Installed aspi 4.6 now, so that’s one thing done.

Unfortunately i dont have the cake-box anymore as i threw it away once i had unpacked everything. will be back in a min…


Forgot to mention, is there anything i can do with my boottype for my 812s which will increase compatability with my denon dvd player? ta :slight_smile:


you can enable bitsetting with omnipatcher but this will only work with +R`s

and yes you did good with cd speed transfer rate test.


Hi again. OK, made the aspi 4.6 changes as i said, and the changes with omnipatcher for booktype. I enclose the latest burn i have just done at 4x with nero.

Any final thoughts? Do you think that i have a) genuine TY’s, or b) shall i get a new burner?!!

Many thanks to all who have helped. But my Denon DVD-2800Mk2 multiregion still refuses to play these disks (even the one who’s result are enclosed below), grrrrr…


a, yes i belive they are genuine ty.
b, cant see the point in getting a new burner as your dvd player still wouldnt play the discs. you could get some +R`s and bitset them to dvd-rom to test on you dvd player.

or get a new dvd player, do you have a richer sounds hi-fi shop near you? you can get a Ronin dvd player for £25 that plays dvdr`s no problem.

also you should scan your disc at 4X not max



Suggest that you check your Denon DVD player - a fact well known in the industry - the 2800 Mk2 is especially known for having extreme trouble with burned discs.

So be sure to try in another player like the Panasonic S47 that will literally play anything you put into it-



Thanks bigmike7 and ako.

I have a richer sounds around the corner, but i kinda begrudge replacing my £550 Denon with a £25 cheapo. LOL. Wouldnt you think that it would be the other way around, and that cheap players wouldnt play em all but expensive ones would! Boohoo.

I took around all 3 burned dvd-r’s we talked about yesterday to a friends house, and we watched all of one (collateral) and played 10 mins of the others FINE!!! typical!! But he was quite happy as he got three movies to watch over the weekend :slight_smile:

THANKS again to you all - this has been very helpful, at least i now know that it’s my picky Denon and not my media or burner. You’re Stars.



thats no problem only to happy to help :slight_smile:

i wouldnt give up on your Denon quite yet, i would try getting a couple of +Rs bitsett to dvd-rom, theres a good chance they mite work.



I have been in EXACTLY the same Denon boat a couple of years age when I first got into DVD burnin’ - had a Denon 2800 Mx , yada, yada, yada-

Damn thing had kicka$$ specs - but put a original pressed DVD with the slightest scratches into it and it would freeze, jump, etc - changing the bitsetting to DVD-ROM will not help either with the Denon 2800 series-

Replaced it with a JVC Progressive Scan that plays anything that I throw at it - the picture is superior to the Denon and the sound reproduction is superior (being fed through a Denon 3802) in both 5.1 and dts-

Goes to show that cost is not always a good indicator of how a machine is going to perform-

Another truth I have learned is “Good Media = Good Burns - and - Crap Media = Crap Burns” this IS an area where you pay for what you get-