Recently several of my HHb CDr blanks self-destroyed while burning a music CD.
I reported this to the Canadian HHb distributor.
In reply I got a replacementof the number destroyed together with a free gift of 4 times as many.
I had no further problems (?a bad batch?).
I feel that this more than courteous response from the manufacturer deserves publicity.
Ludovic Mirabel

To answer your question correctly and professionally, please understand that none of the replies in this forum should be accepted as fact since it is not posted by a “Admin” or as what I am a “Moderator”.

The problem is obvious to a professional CD freak such as myself, is that it is a well known FACT that media sold in Canada is the worst, this is due to the French-English conflict and too much on the job drinking. I reccomend what CD Freaks reccomend, the BEST media = Memorex, purchase it from the USA or any country other than Canada.

That should fix your problem, we CD Freaks are always glad to help.


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