HHB 8X DVD-R why so expensive

why is this HHB media so expensive


Because it is the best media ever made, solid gold dye layer and every disc is guarenteed to scan with 0 PIF, for a small extra fee they will even make love to your wife.

At over $6 a disc it must be made of gold.
Who makes it and from what country?
Who has ever tested it and with what?

They should give me 50% off to have my X wife

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]…every disc is guarenteed to scan with 0 PIF, for a small extra fee they will even make love to your wife.[/QUOTE]

Hahaha :clap:

No info on VideoHelps database, perhaps just a misprice :confused:

mystery price check here

Like a Leica Camera way over priced and over rated :stuck_out_tongue:

this is for DVD-R Authoring maybe it is right price and more expensive here

But then again, DVD-R for Authoring is a format that is [I]de facto[/I] dead.

The authroing ones are $9.99, but the ones that are $3.99 are not specified as authoring so there must be some other explanation.


Looks like they have a marketing niche among audio/video professionals. If they are not con men, my guess is that they ask for specific production lines from good manufacturers, and have their own quality control over what they buy.

Yet, this is more expensive than archival grade Verbatim, if I’m not mistaken. And even more expensive than “broadcast quality” Maxells.

Part of the price’s explanation probably comes from the fact that it’s not sold as consumer grade, but as “professional” grade media, the marketing niche allowing artificially high prices.

If [B]kg_evilboy[/B] knows nothing about these, we only have [B]Dakhaas [/B]or [B]Dolphinius_rex[/B] left for possible enlightement, I guess…

Hmmm if I was going to pick anything for some sort of super important archiving, it would have to be the verbatim archival grade. $2 bucks a disc for those is expensive enough for me.

From time to time you’ll see some unknown brand of stuff selling @ ridiculous prices and claiming their media is “GOLD!!! professional archive grade”. It’s likely to be re branded stuff like Franck said. It’s hardly ever a brand new MID. It’s also hardly ever worth it either.

From the HHB site:
" DVD+R4.7GB-Plus [DVD+R]

4.7GB write once disc conforming to the DVD+R format. Inkjet printable disc surface.
The HHB DVD+R4.7GB-PLUS is a ‘write once’ DVD-R disc compatible with the DVD+R format. It uses an ultra-stable Purple Cyanine dye recording layer to deliver consistently low block error rates, low jitter, a wide power margin and a secure archival life in excess of 50 years. The high purity of the polycarbonate disc substrate yields minimum deviation and tilt in varying temperatures, further increasing the reliability of the disc over time."

Very much reminds me of the discriptions on the bottom of the “Whizzo Quality Assortment” of the “Crunchy Frog” and “Ram’s Bladder Cup”.

In fact, the whole site kinda reads like that…

I would sure like to have one disc to try before investing all that $

Sounds like the “lifetime razor blade”

you could always buy one







lol @ typo , heck id buy one for use as a coffee mat :stuck_out_tongue:

HHB is a funny brand, they don’t really MAKE anything as far as I’m aware. They’ve made a business of OEM’ing product and marketing towards REALLY high end markets who will pay anything for products. They usually OEM their product from MAM-A (mostly the gold stuff) and Ritek (for silver stuff). Although there are a few exceptions from time to time. They’ve also used TY for CD-Rs.

Their product DOES tend to be better grade stuff then the standard product supplied by their OEM suppliers, and their warranty support is good, but I hardly think it justifies the expense personally. Also, the link in the first post, if you look at the specs for the product, it claims it is a DVD-R for Authoring, 8x, dual layer 4.7GB disc… I don’t think I can really say anything more on top of that :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed this part

BTW thanks for the info :slight_smile:

But It doesn’t come with USB :cool:
On topic I might be able to get some of the 1-4x HHB media (Cheap) if I can find time to pick them up.
It could take a long time but if there is news then I will keep you up to date.