HGST starts shipping 6 TB helium filled HDDs

We’ve just posted the following news: HGST starts shipping 6 TB helium filled HDDs[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2013/11/myce-hgst_helium-hdd-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]

WD today announced it started the delivery of HGST HE6 drives

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That’s a surprising development as helium is pretty difficult to contain.

They must have impressively effective seals on those drives.


Pretty difficult to contain? Nah. Just twist the balloon - like this (TWIST) - and then you can breathe deep when you loosen yer fingers… then pinch it hard again as you start talking.

Unless, of course, you’re being shot at… then all bets are off.

Actually, this “7 platters 6Tb” is unpleasant news because this means they’re baby-stepping us to the 14Tb version. C’est la vie… at least they’re thinking about it!

I wonder if these things will start to lose capacity after a few days or a week or two. Oh… shirley not… er, surely.

So it weighs just about as much as a 4TB HDD. The SSD industry now needs to ship 6TB 3.5-inch form factor drive as well.

One of our RAID techs has ordered two sets of these helium drives. The wholesaler wants to participate in the tests - remote access to a RAID5 or something. “Fine…”

The tech is doing setups now on the boot-drive. Name of the server? "Either LZ129 or HINDENBURG,"he snickers.

"Hindenburg. Helium. Of course. Good one.

But LZ129?

That was the official numeric designation for the [I]Luftschiff Zeppelin[/I].

I’m voting for that name.

“Uh, and don’t tell me - let me guess what the Login Icon will be.”

He’s thinking of making a third login as a riff - you can connect in and play a riff, or perhaps hum it.

It’s not going to be God Save The Queen, by the way.

I guess Led Zeppelin I and II was too easy.

I still like the story about how Led Zeppelin invited Eva von Zeppelin, a direct descendant of the inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin, to their performance on TV. Everything went well until she was getting ready to leave and saw the picture of LZ 1, the Hindenberg exploding. Then she went ballistic, threatening legal action if they performed using their band name. To appease her they changed their band name to “The Nobs” while they toured in Germany.

About freakin’ time, too. My 4TB is bursting at the seams from all the Blu-ray rips.
I’d love to know when a commercial version will be available and for how many shekels.

I miss the name IBM on HDD.

Based on some estimates, these drives are probably going to be 2-3x the price of a current 4tb hard drive based on the design. Also, the drives may only have a 5 year lifespan before that seal leaks significantly. Then your data integrity goes down hill like a landfill optical disc on steroids.

Ours folks haven’t received their two sets (I think they ordered a dozen, aiming for two 5-disk RAID5s with a couple of cold spares).

They did clear off a landing platform and designed a hangar-looking case, promising to not only heavily bolt it to a very-heavy workbench but also have sufficient grounding, too.

They’re wasting their time looking up word-alternatives to “humanity” that could refer to Geek-dom. As if they’d need to scream and bellow at some point. They’re obviously having way too much fun with this.

What data-files are going to be stored?

“Photos. Old photos. Maybe an old video-clip or two, too.”

I can just imagine.

[QUOTE=Kenshin;2708228]I miss the name IBM on HDD.[/QUOTE]

Smart Storage ( Sandisk) makes IBM SSDs now, IBM inside and Smart Storage outside LOL.