HGST 12TB Hard Drive Released

HGST, a division of Western Digital, has released the world’s largest conventional hard drive, the Ultrastar HE12, which is a sealed drive using helium and a capacity of 12TB. This is a fourth generation helium based drive, and it uses PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) technology. The new HE12 model is intended for commercial use, but the benefits of this type of technology does eventually make its way to consumer drives as well.

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Waiting for pricing for consumers before knowing if the drives are worth waiting for.

HDD companies are on crack with their current 8 & 10tb drive prices.
Any more greedy and they would be comparable to the $400 1tb m.2 SSD drives.

Well the prices I found for 10tb are around 300$ so far and in value terms more the price then getting a 8tb for around ~250. So it will be how fast do you want the larger drives is what it becomes. I might invest in a 10tb but first I need to rebuild my system to RyZen cores and then I see how funds goes.