Hey wookie



Wookie what would you use to burn a .bin


a *.bin file should be accompanied by a *.cue file.

If no *.cue file came along you should unpack it with IsoBuster and then burn the data onto CD with for example Nero.

If the .cue file came with it you can use either CDRWin or Fireburner to burn the image (.bin file)

But you can use the search function to find more information on this topic


Agree with Tax;

with both things! The way to burn it and that you should search our forum to find out more! This question has been asked a few times before. If you’d used the search then you would have had the answer soner! :wink:

And using a topic subject as Hey wookie isn’t very smart. People don’t know what’s it’s about and maybe think it’s a message to me and therefor would not read your question.