Hey! Show us your .. H@!

Inspired by Wombles declaration of be-Hatted Occerness …

Show us your hat!

Oi. I’m not sure I like this!!!

But if you need proof then here it is,

As you can see it is made of canvas and has the little corks dangeling from it. It even has a nice little design of a kangaroo on it.

Hmm…Ok, whats the corks for?

Back in the good old days, Victoria was the Aussie choice of place to live (since it’s cold & miserable like Britain).
Victoria has blooming flies so thick, you wave your hand past your face & you’ll concuss thousands of them.
The corks keep the flies away from your eyes, nose, neck, ears.

Pity about the food.
Whip out a picnic & your food gets eaten by millions of flies before you get to take your first bite :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t help to know that flies don’t bite, but spew up all over your food :stuck_out_tongue: Ewww Gross!

Hmm, did not know that. Glad to learn something.


Aye … flies can’t actually swallow food chunks like humans do … after they puke up all over your food, they break out the straw & suck down a picnic cocktail …