Hey Reason

I think it was you that said you use Ram discs and have a Ram burner. What program or programs do you use to write to those discs. I got a nice stable verson of Nero going and I don’t want to touch it.

2 - This is going to be dumb. There is something out there, it might be a driver or a codec. It’s sort of spelled “patton coffin” but I cant find the real spelling so I can’t do a search for it. I know some programs use it and once it messed up my system. I have my eye on a couple of new installs and want to make sure they don’t use it. Bk

It’s “patin Couffin” and it’s VSO’s (blindwrite and so on)

I always thought that you could use Nero to burn DVD-RAM discs … never had a DVD-RAM Burner so I can`t say for sure, but NeroSpeed etc. can detect DVD-RAM so I would think that that Nero could burn those media to.

For that Patton Coffin … never heard of it … never used VSO software :wink:

Thanks the spelling was driving me nuts. :iagree: now i can do a real search

Im thinking of getting one because im sick of regular R/W media lasting only 5 write cycles before I have to throw it out. I have a large catch all folder I back up everyday and it’s getting a little expensive.

All DVD-RAM drives manufacturer will provide you with appropriate RAM drivers.
You can also check out this thread for RAM drivers/tools. :wink:

Not sure all Nero versions support DVD-RAM burning… but you should at least be able to use InCD (for FAT32 format).

BTW, these question/-s should be raised in general optical drives forum. If you like get in touch with reasonsnotrules, just pm her. :slight_smile:

Yes … we all miss Reason :slight_smile:

Logic has been escaping over the back wall recently too …

Sorry it was a crap shoot because one was about a drive and one was not

if this is for me, then nope, i don’t burn RAM discs. sorry!

must have been Arachne

Yeah, I use RAM discs regularly. So I guess it must have been me :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Panasonic driver, format to UDF, them drag’n’drop in Explorer. If you need the RAM driver, PM me, or ask here. :slight_smile:

As for Patin-Couffin…DVDFab Platinum (not sure about regular DVDFab Decrypter) uses it too, from what I’ve seen on my own system before the last format…

Edit: I wouldn’t go near InCD with a 10-foot pole. :wink:


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