Hey, Quick Imaging Question

I am looking for a widely used image format that supports multiple tracks. Up until now I have been using WinISO but ISO only supports 1 track per file. So I need a solution for 1 File & Multiple Tracks.

I considered BIN/CUE files, but I need a software that is relatively cheap or free to perform this task.

Thanks for any advise.

What are you trying to do exactly?


I need a program for creating Multiple Track images that is “cost effectitive” or free.

You mean like a CD with several types of data on it? Like a hybrid cd? Describe your objective. You can always create a cd and then make an ISO image of it and duplicate that.

I have a CD. It is multiple tracked. One with data the other is bootable. When making an ISO it requires 2 files to be created. I need a format that I can use that will support multiple tracks in one image file. And I need a cheap program that I can use to create images of the supported format.

Any ideas ?

Well I remember that I once made a CD that was bootable, and had another "partition’ with programs on it. It was for system recovery. I think any cd mastering program can do that–you select that you want to make a bootable CD. Nero does it.
Is this what you mean?