Hey Mac users; which firmware works?



OK; there aren’t a whole lot of us Mac users on here, so we have to stick together, right? I’m having F/W problems and want to know which one has worked for people.
I got my new 2510a and after a bit of futzing, and with invaluable aid from the saintly Dee :bow: I was able to flash Herries V2 beta 5 (107v2b5d.bin) into the drive using DOS.
Thrilled that I had actually done the DOS thing right, I stuck the drive into my G4 400 AGP Graphics and… Problems. Toast refused to erase my +RW discs, and when I tried to eject a disc from the finder the disc disappeared from there but stayed in the drive, and the the drive disappeared too.
I stuck the drive back in a PC and it worked just fine, so it’s a Mac problem. I flashed the drive again with the official NEC 2.16 F/W(it came with 2.15) and it is mostly working OK (Disk Copy won’t recognize the drive, but Toast is OK).
So tell me: what has worked for Mac users? My main concern is that the drive be set to do bit-setting as the default for +R media(single layer at this point, double sometime in the future).
Macanalyst’s post in this thread:
is the only bit-setting-on-mac post I’ve found that specifies F/W:

Firstly I flashed the firmware using the ‘Rip Lock Only Firmware Binary and Windows Flasher 1.06’ and then I used the 1.0.7 firmware upgrade based on the HP420i firmware for bitsetting (download form here) http://tdb.rpc1.org/

I assume the “1.0.7” is a typo for 1.07.
I’m also wondering if i could just flash in the HP420i firmware, since bit-setting is my main goal and I believe it does that?
Hope to hear from some mac-heads!


I don’t think that any firmwares set the booktype to DVD-ROM by default for DVD+R discs.


Hey Dave,
I hope you’re wrong, or I’m screwed. I don’t know of any apps for Mac that you can use to enable bit-setting. The one +R disc that burned on my Mac with the 107v2b5d firmware seems to be set to DVD-ROM (I stuck it in a PC and used one of the PC utilities to check it), so I think I’m OK.