Hey, im a noob with some extra cash



Hey guys, well like the title says, im a noob when it comes to DVD burners basically, so many brands and models i dont know what to do. Well anyway to the point, ive been needing for a new DVD burner for a while now cause im stuck with a NEC something or other 13? But it burns at like 8x max and can only burn like one type of disk. So does anyone have a suggestion for a DVD burner that is nice, can burn at 16x both DvD±r? Thanks, i was trying to get a NEQ DW1655 but then i saw how they are notoriuous for just…dying, not only that but haulted manufacturing, so im a bit confused now. Thanks in advance!
also, i would like to keep it in the $100 range, but a little over would still be okay.


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Well, I just purchased and have been using the Pioneer 111D. I have been very impressed with the quality of the burns. The problem, it is not the best scanner out there but it is very reasonably priced at around $30 U.S. With your left over $70 or so you could buy a second drive, say a Lite-on that has a long standing reputation for being incredible readers/scanners and you get two drives. :bigsmile:

BenQ drives seem to have a great reputation as both burners and reader/scanners but as you noted they are haulting their production so it may be difficult or impossible to find one.

I am sure others members here could guild you with a single drive that can serve as a good or great all purpose burner. Whatever you end up getting stop in and let us know how it works for you.


What SudaWilde said!


Oh, i apologize for posting in the wrong section. Also, thanks for your replies but i think i would rather just go with one drive that can do both. I dont really know why, but it seems like it would just be less of a hassle i guess, if you disagree with this, why? Im still unsure, thanks.


actually scratch that, i really have never backedup one of my DVDs before and now picturing what it would be like, i would put the disk in one drive and then copy it with the other drive, so i would need 2 nice drives right? Well now with that said im willing to go over $100. So any more suggestions on drives? i would like it to burn 16x for both DVD-+Rs and then the other one not too sensitive to scratches because my DVDs tend to get scratched up x.X


Postalmaniac, slow down and take a deep breath. OK.
First, take that fat wallet and put it away for a minute.
Now, spend a little time on searching the forum about advice on different burners. There are plenty of options available for you that do not require you spending any where near 100 dollars.
Next, realize you do not NEED two drives. You are going to be decrypting to your hard drive, then reauthoring…on your hard drive…then burning. What you may want to be looking at is spending some money on a hard drive capable of holding at least 5 gig in addition to what you already have on it. It seems that you need to spend some time on the forum reading about making backups.
Continuing, no you DON’t want to burn at 16X, period. Usually 12X with the BEST MEDIA. Spend some more time in that arena.
Finally, pouring money is never an answer for anything. Know what you are doing, then make a grounded decision.

I’m not trying to lecture you, but I feel you need to “school up” a little, and all the info you need are in these forums.


If you can find any about a Benq 1650 or 1655 would be good. They are one of the best burners & scanners about.

The Pioneer 111 range are solid burners but not much in the way of scanners.

Consider perhaps the Liteon LH-20 models.

Copying on the fly (disk to disk) is not generally recommended so going for a single , capable drive is good sense.

Using quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden makes good sense as poor quality media can give you all sorts of problems. And the advice about burning at 12x is sound although most good burners will burn good media at 16x with good result.


Thanks for your replies, but do you need to rip a dvd to your computer to back it up on a DVDR? I thought you just put it in the drive, found a program and copied them because doesnt ripping take serveral hours? Thanks, and i will look into them, but i couldnt find a Benq 1655 anywhere except ebay and it was some liquidation sale and he said he didnt even know if they worked, and i guess they were used…i dont really trust that. I will keep looking though.


Ripping need not take hours at all. I’d expect to rip and burn within about 30-35 mins & that’s where the movie needed to be compressed to fit.

For a disc that is effectively a 1:1 copy (copy of a copy?) it’ll be more like 20mins I’d guess.

Mind you this does depend on the spec of your system but I think these times are about average.

The problem with disk to disk is that any read failure on the source disk will most likely result in a ruined burn.


Take a venture into the Copy DVD Movie Forum and you will find more information about burning DVDs than you could possibly need. The sheer volume of information can be daunting at first but trust me, after a while you when you finally have the hang of it, the information almost comes to you.

The reason I suggested two burners above was simple. The Pioneer 111D has some great(borderline exceptional) burns posted on these forums and the Lite-ons have and lets hope always will be great readers/scanners. I look at it like this… One drive to handle everything or two drives that split the duty doing their individual jobs extremely well and as an added bonus they will probably last longer because their individual workload is lessened. This way you take advantage of the strenghs of each drive.

If I could I would buy a BenQ drive right now but it would not replace either of the drives I have, it would just compliment them. Sadly, I got into the Burning game a little too late but I am always looking.