Hey, I have a problem with BW Latest Version

hey guys! Well, I know we are all having problems, but mine’s a bit different. I was using BlindWrite to try and make a copy of UT2003 when my license ran out for trial. Anyways, I got it to work again, but now when I try blindwrite, it will go and will take me to the start screen,a dn no matter what option I choose, it will allow me to click next, and then will freeze. Nothing I can clikc, accept the Tool bar. Then, when I set change language, it then will allow me to start the screen over again, adn freeze again. Any help on this would be appreciated.



Sounds like it’s time to buy a license. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Smabbage
Sounds like it’s time to buy a license. :slight_smile:

or may be you have to reinstall it, with the aspi layer (from BW) included

yes please register !!! … otherwise you will burn yourself … :bigsmile:

please send me a email to describe your hardware configuration, we will try to fix your problem. but I doubt we can solve it on the forum.

toshiba 6602b liteon 24102b mitsumi 4804te made image of lord of the rings using toshiba writing with liteon copy works now trying to make copy of my hitman2 cd no go so far 11 coasters i dont understand…can anyone help me out please>

is the toshiba good for making the image or is the liteon?also when i try using the version of blindread it also stops and the spindown happens when making the image?? can anyone who has this problem also say what they did to make a proper image?i cant figure it out because my copy of lord of the rings runs nicely on my toshiba i have even updated it and it works??what am i doing wrong? Lapinou can u help out thnkz…