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So I have been looking all around this site and download many dvd burning programs, but can not seem to find one that will work. So I was wondering about the easiest and free program that will do this?


So you have downloaded several programs? Well first thing we need to know is what your trying to do?

Are you simply looking to backup some of your movies? Do you need to compress them? Do you need to remove any copyrights or are these home movies?

Here are some free programs that are popular around here and what they do.

To Remove copyrights and rip to harddrive:

DVDFab HD Decrypter (will rip to HD, but will not compress)

To Shrink to DVD5 size:

DVDShrink (will compress DVD9 to DVD5 and setup for burn)

To burn final product:



hi tyler 1234,

BoSox2882 suggested some very good programs.

What is best though is they are all FREE ! :clap:


Ok so yes I am trying to backup my home movie collection. I downloaded dvd shrink and it told me that I needed a decrypter so I was looking for a program that would do it all in one. Is that possible?


To keep it simple and free …use two programs.
one for ripping, one for burning.

Download DVDFab HD Decrypter (ripping / decrypting program).

Download Imgburn (very good burning program)

Use DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip the movie to your hard drive.
(Designate a folder in My Docs or some other easy to remember place so you can find your ripped movies after DVD Fab is done.

Use Imgburn to burn the ripped movie from hard drive to disc.

These are your best freebies.....and easiest to use

Hope this helps.....


oh ok thank you


don’t forget dvdshrink to shrink the movie to fit a dvd5 disc


Yes, if your are not using double layer discs, you will need DVDShrink to size the DVD down to a single layer disc.

To rip, use DVDFab HD Decrypter

to re-size, use DVDShrink

to burn, use ImgBurn