Hey how will I have to wait for TY to go on sale?



I’m looking for a 50 Pack 8X TY White inkjet printable DVD+R’s.

How long do I have to wait until they get relatively cheap?

(I don’t want to wait 2 months)


$38 shipped for 100 here.



Thanks - that’s a pretty good deal if I can’t find a 50 pack. Supermediastore’s warranty is just a 15% fee if the item is opened? Seems fair.

EDIT: I just noticed, those are DVD-R’s, I was looking for DVD+R. Is there a difference?


The deal ends after today (23rd). They have a lot of sales, but that’s a pretty good deal.


Oh, my bad. You can set the Book Type on -Rs, but if you have a recent DVD player (if that’s what you’ll be reading them with), it shouldn’t make much of a difference. I have some - and some +, but I grab whatever’s on sale at the time.


I have no idea what Book Type is, even after reading the definition. Care to elaborate for a newbie? :slight_smile:


Wrong. You can set the booktype on DVD+Rs but not -R. Anyways, it really doesn’t make a difference +R or -R provided you are using quality media like TY.
Anyways with -R you won’t need to bother with the booktype so it will make it a little bit easier for you.


Is there a SuperMediaStore coupon key flying around by any chance?

EDIT: on another thread it says there is a 10% coupon code ( SS10 ), but when I enter it - it says it is invalid. The person who posted the coupon code said it was valid until March 29th. sadface :(]

EDIT#2: NM, that was for Shop4tech or w/e ! sorry!


Ok I bought it - Thanks Zombie_Geek.

Anyone know how long this should take to recieve them?


Yeah, duh on my part. This whole thread has my - and + all messed up. :smiley:


I ordered a stack from them and it took about five days. They’ll send a UPS tracking number and you’ll see the estimated delivery date.