Hey! Help with warcraft 3?

Hey everyone :stuck_out_tongue: this is my first post here on these forums, yay!.. anyways down to business.

Ive been reading through these forums for a couple days and am trying to back up my warcraft 3 : the frozen throne cd. I’ve downloaded FantomCD and DAEMON tools, and have tried to use these to make the image and play the game without the cd, problem is it’s not working. It is still telling me to insert the cd, i am obviously doing somthing wrong, based on the idea that i’ve seen other people post that they’ve got it to work, so i’m looking for some help (Step by step) it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S : Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this topic, i was overwhelmed by the number so i figured i could try here, thanks.

Edit: By the way, i thought id add that the “virtual drive” reads, and gets to the play screen, but when i click play, it searches for the disk and doesnt find it, and tells me to insert it XD

, Ryan

Welcome to the forum Ryan.

See this tutorial for how to make a back-up copy using emulation or this one for how to make a non-emaulation back-up copy.

thanks ! :slight_smile: one quick question, what’s the difference of using an emulated version? (illegal?) thanks again,


^ Nothing illegal about making/using an emulation copy. Advantage of emulation copy - likely to work on more systems. Disadvantage - must have alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed on system with RMPS emulation enabled.