Hey, Help on returning DVD


I bought a DVD for £4 on a market stall in Rochdale Market. While i was buying it, I noticed a sign saying “no returns or returns”. The DVD that I got is a 2 in 1, and is very low quality. The DVD keeps stopping literally every 5 minutes. When I received the DVD it wasn’t sealed-Just in the case with the 1 disc. I was thinking of going down, But I know it is most likely they will reject my propasal for a refund. I bought the disc about 4 days ago. I did not receive a receipt. I was wondering, Does the owner of them market stall HAVE top give me a refund, Or is there nothing I can do about it??

Report them to the police, be a hero for the RIAA.

Under the sales of goods act yes they do, even if it is second hand. Though by the sounds of it , it is a pirate copy. What colour is the disc?

It would be trading standard you would have to complain to.

its obviously a pirate copy, he will get his licence to trade from the local council so just threaten to take the film to them unless he gives you your money back then shop the little shit anyway.

More likely an illegal street trader.

Like that signature and emotional avatar, ako. Sad to hear of something of this nature, although I’m not in the UK (although I’m sure a few in the US have tried to do the same).

the bottom part of the disc is purple…

I “identified” the disc with dvd identifier -

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 02RG20 ]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 02RG20 ]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com ]

I take it this is definitly a pirate then? I don’t want to go in looking like a fool.

if the content is a copyrited meterial then yes it is a pirate.

and from what i remember from when i lived in shaw and worked in rochdale, isen`t the north west riffe with snide gear?

Not just the North West mate.

Furgan, you still have a right to your money back as the item is not as described. If licenced trader threaten him with reporting him to trading standards, if ilegal threaten with the police.

Though weighing it up is it worth all the hassle over £4. You got your fingers burnt, now you will know better. When getting something from such a trader check the disc colour first.

I’m not too bothered about £4. It’s just that I’m quite angry as I asked the guy if it was a full legit DVD Version of the disc, And he said yeah.

Do what ako said, that’ll teach him :bigsmile: