Hey guys welcome back!

I missed ya!!

hey everybody, glad to be back here. lets get the posts going again, and everything will be good.

also welcome your new moderator squage
he will be the king in General Chat from now on

Welcome Squage,

To team cdfreaks forum!

Hi Ruff, how u doin? Remember 'bout TRIO? Well, we didn’t finish our conversation, hope to do it one of these days… C ya, LdL

Ohhh I’m so HAPPY!
We’re like one big, happy family!
I love y’all!
It’s great to be back!

anybody got a hankerchief? please?

glad to be here!

ya, I missed you guys and the forum. Cdfreaks freekin’ rules man. I enjoy helping out people that have problems copying PsX games so…ask away guys

Keep it up !