Hey Guys Noob to the this forum

Hey Peeps…

I may be a noob to this forum, but not to my Car forums…(I knwo how to post in here, as I ama moderator of one…)

I’m just looking to see where I may be able to download Clone Cd 6.0.0

That is all.

IF anyppl would liek that can contact me, for I will be visiting these forums much and if I can offer my assisstance, I will try to do my best in whatever I can help you all with.


Red Rain

You can download the latest clonecd from here
But your version number is wrong maybe a typo last i saw clonecd was @ version

Well, for someone who wants to ask about downloading a program, and makes the title of the post like “I want to introduce myself”. Well, what can I say :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys…Its a real welcome to be here… There is soo much I could say, but that would so totally ruin the introduction…so to keep it short and " toute suite…, lol"… but glad to be here…

I have 5.1 downloaded, now just need the crack…I have the wrong one…won;t let me do it…

My prob, I have the set up for 5.1 no crack…I have the crack for 6.0…not the set up…

then you should email slysoft and offer them payment for their product

you may be a moderator at your own forum - but you cannot read. we do not allow cracks here. one warning