Hey guys every week frys.com sells memorex 4x speed bluray for cheap

Just wanted to remind you guys every week frys.com either sells the 15 pack of memorex 4x bd-r for 49.99 on sale limited 1 per household sale online order

also frys.com sells a 5pack box with jewel cases for 24.99 every other week which is memorex bd-r 4x…

in my pioneer bdr-203 drive they burn at 8x speed takes 14 mins-15 mins for full 25gb sl disc write!!

goto http://www.frys.com
in search box type blu ray media
select the area and wala!

Link to the product http://shop1.frys.com/product/5678681

Shipping is around $6 for me so total $56 for 15 pack, $3.7 each. Nice find!

Can you check what is the media code? Is this Made in Japan (check the packaging label please)?

check my thread out here!


So it’s RITEK-BR2-000, must be made in Taiwan.


they record great at 8x speed in the pioneer BDR-203 no coasters thus far used about 10 of em keep buying them on discount!