Hey got a few things that i need clerifyed

hey y name chris i a programer i do programing on my spare time done many mods to my computere truthly dont think there is a origanle part aculy srry yess there is lol the vid card is origanal aculy no it not i moded that too lol anyways none of that had to do with the things i needed help with i get off topic so much but i try to stay on topic as much as posible anyways i need a little info about frim wares and there codes preferbly if they use numbers to make there code or if they even have a code but what this is geting to is i hopeing to diesing a basic frimware faker something that will tell your system to behave like it as this frime ware buwt it whont acuoly do upgrads like what the frime ware is i thought of this cuse well my pc recently rejected my mod i did to the ,=mother board (wait or was it to the ram or maby the re wireing job ) ahh damit there i go again of topic anyways what ever mod cused it i hopeing to upgrade my frime ware useing a program i creat i not looking for the answer just if it posible and what frim where uses

i can’t understand half of what you saing.

i srry basic jist of it all what does frime ware use is a a code or is it a random string of numbers

The firmware is the software program that establishes a set of instruction to tell your DVD writer how to perform and function.