Hey everyone! omg i need your advise! plz! D:



hey everyone! I just recently started to have all these problems on my computer and I have no idea why. First I had my cpu settings changed and I restored them to default and now my computer for some odd reason won’t read my cd/dvd drives at all and I am really upset. Here is an image of my situation:

Well, when I insert a cd, like no options pop up like they did when it worked fine. It used to have a pop up of a list of programs I could use to burn whatever I wanted, and now, it doesn’t do that and when I click on the cd drive, it says that their is no function, but when I go to the drive manager it says that it works fine. I don’t get it! Also, when I start the computer now, I always get this thing on the corner that says ‘NEW HARDWARE FOUND’ and it’s like those CD drives or something, but I try to get them to install and it says that it can’t find the stuff to install it. omg I am so angry! I would greatly appreciate any help from you computer savvy folk! I included a image so you can see the type of cd hardware I have, is there a site where I can download the hardware or something so I can install it?! Thank you so much! :smiley:


try removing upper/lower filter drivers