Hey everyone I need a bit of advice

Hi everyone newbie here. Got a couple of questions:

I’m planning to backup one of my ps2 games, and I kinda understand the process - get DVD copying software and a boot disc etc. First question is: is it possible for me to edit the game before it gets burned onto the new dvd? I’ve had some previous success editing pc games (or at least editing downloaded Mod files) and I want to make some changes to make the game more challenging before I burn it. Is that possible or are the files likely to be read only?

Secondly has anyone got any advice as to the kind of software I’ll need? Or any tips as to how best to go about it?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Do not know the answer to your technical question (it has been discussed several times on this forum, but I do not read those threads), but I would like to comment about the editing of PS2 games.

Under fair use policy you should be allowed to make a backup for personal use. However, you are generally not allowed to edit the game (modifying software).