Hey Everyone, Having a newbie Problem with shrink

Hi, Lillian here

I installed shrink on my PC, after I load the disk and it reads it for an hour in says that the file size of the entire disk is only 5mgs. This is too small for a dvd. Even when I click BACKUP it says I onlly need 5mgs on my drive. Can some direct me in the right direction:)

You Might Want To Reinstall Shirnk. Then Try It Again.

I just did, it still says the audio file is large, but the movie is 4.5mgs.
Could this be an encryption problem cuz I though Shrink could get around that?


Hmmm… have you tried using DVD Decrypter for ripping the movie and confirm the whole movie’s on the hard drive? Then use DVD Shrink for compressing.

What OS and drive make and model are you using?