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First of all, thank for your reply to my post about LANalyzer. I haven't managed to d/l Sniffer Pro that you recommended cuz I pay for my net acces by the second [expensive!]

Secondly, in answer to the question you asked in your reply (re: read/write access for fat32 under NT4), I'm not sure if I understand what you mean.

If you mean a tool to monitor disk access, try DiskMon from System Internals. If you can't get it there then try at Hambo's CORE Site in their 'Cracking Tools' section!

I hope, as always, this has helped!


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Heia Hellhound

Sorry, was out at weekend and it was quiet heavy. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to download Sniffer Pro. Concerning
your question: I mean, there is a prog called FAT32 for Windows NT 4.0 V1.01 from sysinternals.com. But the demo is only able to read and not to write on FAT32 Partitions. Maybe you can have a look at it. Pls answer me to cyberjakch@hotmail.com

Hope to read soon from you.

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I would have a look at this FAT32 v1.01 for you but I don’t have NT installed on my system or access to an NT box so I’m a bit shafted in that respect.

I have had a look at the Winternals Software site and it looks to me as though it wouldn’t be crackable anyhooo (as the website states that you have to ‘ORDER’ a full version as apposed to ordering a license, which implies that all you’s need is to put a serial # into the demo to make it a full version). If my supposition has been wrong then let me know and I’ll look further into cracking it for you!

My only other suggestion would be to have a look around the net for an alternative (either freeware or crackable) and let me know!

Hope this has helped!



Heia Hellhound

Thx for answer. I will write this evening to your email. Stay tuned.

C U soon