Hey all - Gateway M320 CD problems



So I had to sign up and see all the info i could get. i still have an issue with a gateway M320 note reading the cd when i put the cd in. i am running windows XP and just did a clean install, funny how the cd player will play the cd off boot from cd before windows runs. Strange how when windows is running the cd player will not play, all the drivers are correct and the cd is working properly according to windows. Any ideas?


Hey Michael, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I’ve changed your thread title a bit to reflect the type of problem you’re having, and will move this thread to the Newbie Forum (where you’ll get more help). :wink:



One more thing the cd drive is the TS-L462A drive. If any one has a suggestion please let me know


Uninstall the ide drivers in devicemanager, then restart.


Tried that already still nothing. U know i still dont get how when I turn the computer off with a CD in the drive and start it back up it will read the cd and work fine, but as soon as the take it out and put it back in i get nothing.


Can you give us a rough idea of any software you have installed? Could be that something software-wise could be messing with things (in particular, burning software or virtual drive software) :slight_smile:


What happens if you start up in SAFE MODe and try accessing the CD?


I have nothing on the laptop except windows XP pro and norton 2003. Safe mode did nothing different, I am thinking the drive is corrupt i am just going to spend the 20bucks and buy an external. If you think of anything else please let me know its been fun.