Hey All... (Conversion of SKVCD ;-) )

Hi Guys
This seems like a great site,glad I was referred.
One question I have is about a movie I have that’s a (skvcd).I’ve never had a movie in this format so I’m having trouble burning it.Can anybody suggest what I should use to either convert it to an avi or mpeg?.I’ve just been using DVD Santa to burn movies but it won’t do this type of file.Any help would be great.Thanks.

I just love topics that begin with “hey all”. They give so much information on what the topic is about.

Welcome Uz!

I’ve never heard of skvcd, but i think you are referring to svcd. Commonly known as Super-VideoCd. It’s just an enhanced resolution/format of the even more common VCD/Video-Cd schematic.

You can get more information here.

If you read all that, you will understand the conversion process. If not read, good luck.

KVCD and SKVCD are alternative implementations of MPEG formats. More about them here:wink: